Growing up in a family that moved regularly gave me a love of exploring new places. The excitement of discovering new towns, cities or countries, of walking down a street and seeing things for the first time, researching a destination and then setting out to really discover it for myself, has stayed with me ever since. The thrill of driving through an unknown city, opening the windows and sensing the unfamiliar heat, noise and smells, gives me a feeling of being truly alive that I find exhilarating.

Travel became my passion and more! I also work in the travel industry, which can sometimes give me access to special places and also plenty of insider information on the best possible ways to see and experience things. Now I hope to expand this passion further with this blog, documenting and sharing my discoveries and favourite places in the beautiful and fascinating city where I currently live, Paris.

Whenever I travel I’m always so grateful for the people that take the time to tell me about a special place they like which is off the beaten track, the best way to see a popular monument, or a great café tucked away around a corner that I never would have found otherwise. It makes each visit special, memorable… I hope that in some way this blog can do the same for you.

I love the idea that you can customize your explorations – pick and choose what you want to see and do in a day, concentrate on a specific area, a special interest, or take one visit as inspiration and a starting point and then just wander and make your own discoveries. Then put all the pieces you loved best together and make the city your own.

This blog is intended to help you do that. All the information here is intentionally bite sized, ideas to get you started on building your own Paris. You can use the menus at the top to choose what or where interests you, or just pick one place you like the look of and go from there!

I’ve lived in many cities, but there is something special about Paris, and always something new to explore. I hope to be able to share that with you!


All photos are taken by me, unless otherwise specified. Please don’t use any of them without my permission.

You can also find more photos on my Instagram and even more on my Pinterest


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  1. I love Paris. I could say this all day. I love the hidden spots, the ones only the natives know and love. I was fortunate enough to have a guide, so I have seen much of Paris. Even though it’s probably the most visited of all in Paris, the Eiffel Tower stays with me. When we reached the top, I literally met people from all over the planet. Since I am the friendly sort, and make it a point to look people in the eyes, I easily spoke to and was spoken back to, or smiled at by people who communicated with me in universal body language, if not speaking English. I also visited a very small art gallery that was down a spooky street. The art was abstract and at the top of my love love loved list. Another time, we ate at a neighborhood restaurant where the proprietor gave us a “thanks for coming” drink at the register. Ah yes, I love Paris!

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    1. Wow it sounds like you have really had some amazing visits! Having a guide does make a huge difference, and I also love to just wander, there is always something beautiful and often unexpected to look at. The more I go out taking pictures for this blog the more I discover, it’s a city that never ceases to surprise and delight me! I’m so glad you like the blog! Thank you for your comments. Siobhan

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  2. Carolynne’s post resonated with me as I too am a virtual traveller. Unlike Carolynne, however, I never made it on my school trip to Paris due to illness. I was bitterly disappointed but hoped I would make the trip some other time. Life had other ideas. So I am truly happy to discover your site, I love your off-the-beaten path photos. Thank you!


    1. I’m so pleased that you enjoy reading it, thank you for your encouraging comments! I love traveling virtually almost as much as traveling for real, I think we can learn so much from both. I am also very much enjoying ‘traveling’ around your wonderful blog!

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  3. Thank you for creating this site. There is a wonderful thrill that comes when traveling. Unfortunately, my severely autistic son needs the security and routine of one place so I have not traveled for many years. It is so kind of you to travel for me. I did visit Paris once when I was sixteen with my high school french class. I secretly snuck off to explore it on my own the last day of our trip and found myself feeling unexpectedly at home once I got away from the tourists. It will be great to be able to go (virtually) back.


  4. Bonjour! I was there during summer last year and absolutely loved it. I had this wonderful feeling of absolute freedom there , it is so lively .. My son still talks about Eiffel Tower and everything standing is now Eiffel Tower 🙂 My regret is that I didn’t see your blog this before visiting …..


  5. What a coincidence! I found you via Stéphanes blog, and as I´m going to move to Paris next week , I´m looking forward to explore your insider´s tips! So exited….


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