Paris is divided into 20 arrondissements, or districts. The first arrondissement is in the middle of the city, then they spiral out like a snail shell. Each has it’s own distinct character and they can differ widely from each other. Paris is also divided into Right Bank (north of the river) and Left Bank (south of the river). The Right Bank is traditionally the area of commerce and business, the Left Bank of learning, although now they are more mixed.

Plan Paris


Every arrondissement is worth a visit, some more than others of course depending on your interests, and seeing a bit of each gives you a good overview of the patchwork of neighbourhoods that makes up the city.

Paris 1926

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      1. Thanks, Siobhan. I’m not sure whether your licence from Fotolia means it’s OK for me to reproduce it, so I’ve decided I’ll put your blog up on the Smartboard and get the students to refer to it when they are making their own maps. Just to be on the safe side 🙂 It’s especially nice to see Roland Garros on there, I know one fellow who will be thrilled by that.


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